Ed Sheeran VH1 Storytellers

Despite happening in mid January, it's likely that Ed Sheeran's appearance in Whelans will be the most talked about Irish gig for the entire year. As part of their 'Storytellers' series, VH1 were planning to live broadcast from my home away from home for one night, yes, Whelans. Having worked as house photographer in Whelans for many many years, I of course emailed straight in to check if they'd be requiring a photographer that night. They had no control over anything, but happily passed my details on to VH1 who then hired me for the gig. It was a super fun night and great to be involved in a production on the scale of which Wexford Street has never seen before. There were over 120 crew, 200 public tickets for each of two shows, which I heard 110,000 people applied for, 90 million people tuned in! An long 8 hour day working, and then an even longer after party to make up for it!

Here's a photo of mine on Ed's instagram with a handful of likes.

And, a little 2 minute time-lapse video of the entire 2 days of production.