Album Artwork

Gavin Glass - Sunday Songs

Photo Only. Design Ivi Rebova.

CC Brez - Her Alibi EP

Photo Only. Design b y Fred Murray.

Roisin O - Better This Way

Photo Only

Michael MacLennan - Roamingg Soul

Photo Only

Bairbre Anne - Sparks

Photo Only (Design by Emagine Media)

O.R.B. - All We Are

(Photos Only, Design by AMP Visual)

Bressie - Rage & Romance

(Photo Only)

Negrita - 9

(Photo only)

The Coronas - Heroes and Ghosts

(Photo Only, Design by Aoife McCormick)

Ham Sandwich - Illuminate

(Photo & Design)

Hozier - Spotify Sessions

(Photo Only)

Vladimir's Classical Christmas

( Photo Only)

Maud In Cahoots - Greatest Achievment

(Photo Only)

The Coronas - San Diego Song

(Photo and Design)

Cry Before Dawn - Live at the Opera House

(Design Only)

Paddy Casey - It's Really Up To You

(Photos Only)

Bairbre Anne - Arrows

(Photo only, Designed by eMagine Media)