The Coronas - We Couldn't Fake It

Another collaboration with director John Broe. This was our first large scale video production. Lasers and modern dance. Where could it go wrong...

Róisín O - Better This Way

Travelled to Iceland with Roisin and director John Broe to shoot this over 3 days. Such a visually stunning country.

Hozier - Jackie & Wilson Official Video

Shooting this was a lot of fun. I was sent on tour with Andrew and the band/crew for a few weeks across Europe with the aim as catching as much of the behind the scenes craic as possible. Had an absolute blast.

The Coronas - The Long Way, Part 1

A two part mini documentary used in the run up to the launch of The Coronas 4th Album 'The Long Way' saw me between London, Dublin and Dingle. I directed, shot, audio recorded, mixed and edited this. Extra camera work from Dermot O'Sullivan, Jack Knox and Jim Lawless.

The Coronas - The Long Way, Part 2

Part 2

Bairbre Anne - Want You Back

Shot this in a couple of takes one evening in my sitting room. I think the whole process took about 3 hours, from answering the door, to publishing on youtube.

Hozier - Cherry Wine

A tag on idea to a photoshoot I had with Hozier. We decided an impromptu performance of his song Cherry Wine, on a rooftop of an abandoned hotel, looking over the Irish sea, at 6am, was a good idea. We were right! The audio from this video ended up on his multi platinum selling album, and also into Zach Braff's 'Wish I Was Here' movie.

August Wells - Here In The Wild (Live)

Literally seconds before walking onstage, Ken asks me 'Here, can you video this?'. I quickly throw a camera at stage manager John Gileese and tell him to shoot from side of stage, and I run down to the pit in Vicar Street, chucking my phone over a monitor to record the audio. This is the result, I think it worked out quite nicely.